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Reader Reviews:
"This is the best book I've read about how those individual investors make decisions with their own money when facing start up companies - entrepreneurs. Maybe the authors are right - every business anywhere needs angels."

"I highly recommend this book. Not only for entrepreneurs such as myself, but for anyone who is looking for an introduction to angel investing, or anyone who would just like to read some real-life stories about early-stage companies. We hear a lot about the Cisco's and Intel's or the world, but this book gives the reader an incredible insight into young and emerging ventures."

"I'm a serial entrepreneur... and lately when I mention that to people, they almost look at me with sympathy. They tell me how difficult it must be for me right now. Well, yes, it is a tough economy out there, but "Every Business Needs an Angel" really gave me a renewed sense of optimism, in myself and the whole process of launching a new venture."

Every Business Needs an Angel is available at a discount when purchasing in bulk for sales promotions or corporate use. Special editions, including personalized covers, excerpts and corporate imprints can be created when purchasing in large quantities. For more information, please call Sandra Ribicic at 1-800-800-3246 or email

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