"I have been leveraging angel money and experience since doing my first start-up in 1985. Every Business Needs an Angel is an invaluable resource -- I wish it had been available 15 years ago. It should be required reading for every entrepreneur. Each of my companies has benefited greatly from its association with angels." --Philip J. Gross, angel investor, President and co-founder of AtYourBusiness.com, and former CFO of America Online

"If venture capital were a stock, I'd be buying to hold over the next 25 years; with smaller government and freer markets, venture capital will boom. And as investors become more sophisticated and hands-on, angel investing is a natural. My friend Cal Simmons and his partner John May have recognized this and provide good solutions to entrepreneurs, through these words and through their life's work."
--David Gardner, Co-Founder, The Motley Fool

"May and Simmons have written a must read for every entrepreneur working to build a company. They inspire and provide insight into the company-building process."
--Rick Rickertsen, CEO and Partner, Thayer Capital Partners

"This is the "How to Get Happily Financed" bible that any person with a business idea must buy. It's not enough just to get money (though that's good!), it's important to get the money at the right terms and from the right people. The authors show you the ropes, providing plenty of first-hand stories and insider tips that will boost your chances that you'll find an "angel" to make your business dream come true."
--Nancy Evans, Co-Chairperson and Editor-in-Chief of iVillage.com

"Early in my career as a Venture Capital Investor, I recognized that the difference between successful and so-so early stage investors was experience and the ability to recognize success patterns. John and Cal have both, and by sharing them through this book, have made a major contribution not only to angel investors, but to the entrepreneurs they will fund."
--Jack Biddle, Founding Partner, Novak Biddle Venture Partners

"John May and Cal Simmons have captured the essence of angel investing in Every Business Needs an Angel. It's a must-read book for anyone interested in starting a business and takes you behind the scenes of how sophisticated, high-net worth individuals evaluate new business opportunities."
--Russ Ramsey, President and Co-CEO, Friedman Billings Group (investment bankers); Chairman and Co-Founder, Capital Investors (an angel investing group); Managing Principal, Capital Crossover Partners LP (a venture capital fund)

"Every entrepreneur in search of angel funding should read this book. Every Business Needs an Angel is an insider's guide with real stories about real people and companies, and offering real lessons."
--Mario Morino, Chairman, Morino Institute and Special Partner, General Atlantic Partners, LLC

"Told from the perspective of seasoned angel investors, Every Business Needs an Angel demystifies the angel investing process and lets the reader in on trade secrets that every aspiring entrepreneur should know. Here at the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, we have spent the last 12 years supporting the development of over 40,000 youth entrepreneurs. This book is an invaluable resource that will help would-be entrepreneurs, both young and old, to successfully build their businesses."
--Steve Mariotti, Founder and president of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

"As a member of May and Simmons' Dinner Club, I found a great way to reduce much of the inefficiency and loneliness in my solo angel investing. They know this venture capital investing space cold, and the book is a great way to share their insider knowledge with entrepreneurs and angels alike."
--Gerald Taylor, angel investor and former President of MCI

"This is the real deal on angel investing. This book puts you in the room and enables you to learn how the wealthy make private equity investments."
--Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage and author of How to Drive Your Competition Crazy

"Entrepreneurs and their businesses would be a lot more attractive to quality venture capitalists if they follow advice laid out in May and Simmons' book!"
--Art Marks, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates venture capital firm

"Angels are a crucial source of risk capital for new ventures, but entrepreneurs by and large know very little about them. John May and Cal Simmons have changed all that with Every Business Needs An Angel, which lifts the veil shrouding the process of angel investing. Their book is required reading for entrepreneurs who are searching for seed-stage and early-stage capital for a fledgling company."
--William D. Bygrave, Frederic C. Hamilton Professor for Free Enterprise, Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, Babson College

"If I had read this book 15 years ago, our business would have grown a lot faster and I would be a lot richer and only have to read golf books today."
--Tom Messner---Founding Partner, Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer/EuroRSCG


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